Exfoliating Mocha Face Mask

Flora Hemp

$12.00 CAD $15.00 CAD

Bentonite Clay - Helps to absorb excess oil & treat acne, detoxifies & can help aid in lighting discolouration and scaring

Cocoa Powder - Rich in antioxidants, can help get rid of harmful free radicals and repair your skin, aids in improving elasticity and inflammation
Organic Coffee - Anti-aging properties & antioxidants

 This mask can be used on your face, neck and chest. Just add a bit of water to make a smooth mixture and apply to your face for 15-20min. Rinse with warm water, the organic coffee grounds will help gently exfoliate your skin as you wash the mask off! Use only glass, plastic or wood when mixing clay, as metal can react with your clay and reduce its healing properties

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