Mason Jar Reusable Bags (6 pieces)


$8.50 CAD $10.00 CAD

Each set comes with 3 reusable mason jar bags and 3 reusable jar bags. 

Tired of a cluttered pantry and kitchen drawers?

Save significant space in the kitchen & fridge while keeping your snacks neatly organized with all new Reusable "Mason Jar". Never get soggy crackers, dried out raisins, or split chocolate chips again.

This amazing food storage is operated by a zipper type airtight mechanism that prolongs the freshness of a variety of snacks, fruits, spices, crackers, cookies, etc. Perfect for travel, camping, picnic.

The flat base design helps the bag to stand on its own without any support.

Food - Safe Materials

100% non toxic an BPA-FREE

Category: Kitchen & Pantry

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